An infographic is a very useful collection of imageries, charts or minimal text that offers you an easy understanding overview of a topic.

The good news is one such visual, a SERP Ranking Infographic is given below to take your blog to the first page of Mighty Google.

Infographics use striking and engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly; and because of this reason, it becomes even more demanding.

How to rank on Google is an ever ongoing battle with new strategies and algorithms coming out all the time. So stick on with some evergreen based strategies and throw in some awesome Keyword Research.

You may be new to the world of infographic designs and the term might still be foreign to you, but if you want your blog to rank in the Search Engine Result Page, use the infographic given below:

serp-ranking blueprint.png


I hope you found some value with this infographic. Go ahead and use it without skipping any of the steps shown and overcome your SEO complications.

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