Reviews are the spinal cords in locating the authenticity and legitimacy of every existing site. It is because of this reason that anyone who is starting an online business should look for reading good reviews at the first hand.

Reading reviews will not only help you to remove confusions, but also boost your confidence in tying up with a specific site or any other sites tat you are after. This way, you stay stronger and cannot be victimised by any scammers online!

A review, as a result, is thus indispensable for every serious blogger. Here’s an Infographic that showcases the Trust Stats of the reading audience.


You as a blogger, shouldn’t thus neglect to search for reviews in the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. I strongly recommend that you type out any damn topic in Google Search Bar and access a good review like the one shown below:

Google search bar.png

See how a series of topics crop up when I typed the line,”reviews of top autorespo…” You notice that the search engine had given more similar topics than the one intended as my search – “Reviews of top autoresponders”. This is called Google Alphabet Soup Method.

A highly useful method which most gurus will shy away from telling you. So it becomes pertinent that you gotta take a fresh look of the tips and tricks going on in the Blogging World, and check around with the eyes of an Eagle.

When I typed the line, “How to make money blogging?” I got what this image shows you below:

blogging titles.png

Any topic of your choice can be searched and followed. So go ahead and type anything you from the Google Search Bar. The same can be done with the other Search Engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Learn smart by staying ahead of your competitors by sniffing around the net checking what works best and what doesn’t. This way, you’re going to be the forerunner in the niche of your choice.

Make Your Presentations Simple

Do not complicate things to the newbies. Instead, extend your helping hand to them in the most simple way. A good leader simplifies things to his followers so does a blogger. Make simplicity as your most prioritized presentation to the readers.

Now back to the review scene. Most young people aged 18 to 34 say they trust online reviews more than the opinions of friends and family. This show how important reviews are. And how they take crucial roles as the determining factors of any business.

On the average, consumers tend to look at over a dozen of information sources before making a purchase. Popular sites like Google Maps, Yelp and TripAdvisor always depend on Reviews.

Watch out for my latest reviews that will be updated in the coming weeks.