Exquisite Health Benefits of Naga King Chili That Kicks Your Ass

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The Naga King Chilli, also known as the ghost chili, ghost pepper, U-morok, naga jolokia or bhut jolokia is a unique interspecific hybrid chili pepper cultivated since time immemorial in the North Eastern states of Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and some parts of Assam.

The chili can kick your ass and make you unconscious when eaten and swallowed in full piece for the first time. The Guinness World Records has also certified that this ghost pepper is the hottest on the planet, 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce, and rated at more than one million SHUs(Scoville Heat Units).

Holy Cow!

Guys, this Naga Viper can send chills down your spine in aching nervousness. You will shiver up and down of its unbearable bite and the intensity of the hotness is such that you will feel even your toes shudder and run around in helplessness. haha…LOL.

See this guy who eats hot chilies and who probably takes part in Chili Eating competition. Look at how he reacts at a Naga Viper. His eyes become teary and a lot of sweating!

Having seen that, let’s dig into the benefits it can give you.

Chilies Can Perform the Following Functions for Your Health

  • Fights cancer
  • Controls obesity
  • Produces insulin in Type-1 diabetes
  • Delays heart diseases and much more…

You might be aware of Capsaicin – the plant chemical that gives chilies their incredible heat and performs varying health benefits. You see, chilies fight cancer cells and help in controlling obesity for those with weight problems.

They help cells in the human body to produce insulin again in Type-1 diabetes patients. How beneficial is this! Not only that but also combat bad cholesterol and prevent or delay heart diseases; provides relief from diseases like rhinitis and anti-ulcer protective effect on stomachs.

They are believed to have anesthetic effects to block out pain and may be used to treat chronic pain in the future. The only possible risks are high consumption could cause stomach cancer or may inflame carcinogenic substances.

Excessive use could also induce gastro-esophageal reflux. So the intake of chilies should be proportional to the necessity of your health condition and especially, they shouldn’t be swallowed whole.

A detailed figure of Naga King Chili is shown in the table below:

data of naga king chili.png

Naga King Chili is Pregnant with Capsicum Chinense & Capsicum Frutescens

It is a hybrid of capsicum chinense and capsicum frutescens.

Take a look at its stunning features in the image. So fearful and dominating! Do you know why I show ‘red color’ time and again? You see, it’s at this stage of the growth that the chili emits maximum heat and kicks your ass. So beware of the RED and DARK GREEN when its seeds are most ferocious!

naga king chili.png

Allow me a minute to explain the technical terms of capsicum or Naga Ghost Chili in the layman’s language.

  • Capsicum Chinense or African Bird Pepper, also known as Habaneros Pepper is the Giant in the elevation of vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals, in addition to the compounds of capsaicin.

The cool thing is, if your diet incorporates all the nutrients offered by habanero peppers, it will help you to put off the development of several potentially grave health conditions including stroke and heart attacks – Wola!

For health problems like chronic gastric disorders – such as IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) and chronic heartburn, it is good to consult your physician before switching on to habanero pepper diets.

  • Capsicum Frutescens is a species of chili pepper that is sometimes considered to be part of the species capsicum annuum which can be annual or short-lived perennial plants.

This plant is used as an analgesin or pain killer in topical ointments, nasal sprays, and dermal patches to relieve pain. It possesses antimicrobial properties and is used as a herbal medicine for low back pain.

High in dietary fiber, it enhances the digestion process and also provides remedies for constipation and associated discomfort.

The Role of Pepper and its Health Benefits

Two men were hospitalized after participating the World’s Hottest Chili Eating Competition but paradoxically, chilies could also reduce the high risk of cancer.

Capsicum or pepper fights free radicals and boost your immune system, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body.

Pepper produces carotenoid, a coloring agent along with beta-carotene(a precursor of vitamin A). They are used up by your body to make vitamin A which is responsible for sharp eyesight, strong bone, and healthiness of the skin.

Capsaicin is a compound that produces the pungency of capsicums and several related compounds called capsaicinoids and is produced as secondary metabolites by chili peppers.

According to SiCap, a US company, chili peppers are the latest in the fight against skin aging. It also claims that the ingredient helps the skin to absorb other active ingredients.

The ingredient has been combined with acai berries, collagen, and acetyle Hexapeptide-3 to create a new anti-wrinkle formulation, by Youthful Trends.

Founder Wayne Perry explains that the pepper extract increases blood flow and absorption at the skin surface and that the ingredient penetrates immediately unlike the traditional anti-wrinkle creams. So, this a milestone reached for people waiting to get rid of wrinkles and to look younger.

Youthful Trends also contains one of the latest superfoods acai berries which helps to control inflammation and fight the aging process. The phytosterols in the acai berries are known to reserve natural collagen levels.

In addition, the formulation contains hydrolyzed collagen and the neuropeptide acetyl hexapeptide-3, a new peptide ingredient becoming very popular in the fight for anti-aging formulations.

Now, May I Draw Your Attention in this Regard!

Have the Youthful Trends leveraged the amazing power of the Naga King chili in their formulations as capsicum?

if not, do they know that it is 400 times more powerful than any other pepper chilies found in the world?

Recall that the heat of this breathtaking chili comes with a THUMPING Scoville rating of 16,000,000 SHUs as found recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records.

That being said so, I want YOU to take the matter to your family members and friends, and tell them that this has a lot of health benefits like reversing skin aging when the green color is taken.

Spread the message and SHARE the love. It gives you further health benefits shown below:

  • Anti-Cancer properties verified by studies
  • Help lose weight by speeding up metabolism
  • Improved blood circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts your Moods by releasing endorphins that dull pain
  • Improved digestion and help in curing stomach illness

How to Start Taking Naga King Chili As Your Daily Dose

For those of you who are just going to try this must begin by taking only 1/8 of the whole piece shown in the image. You will want to begin with the green or yellowish.

The height of heat is found in the seed of the RED color. As a starter for your food recipes, you should be advised to consume the GREEN color first as a precautionary hint though.

Owning a kitchen garden with Naga King chili is an awesome experience. You can also do the same. I grow them only with organic manure and fertilizers. They are more health-friendly and are free from chemicals and pesticides.

Shy away from artificial yields as far as your food recipes are concerned. They breed toxicants in the body and trigger a lot of unnecessary health issues. This is a very important matter if you are in your late thirties or beginning your forties and above.

Here are a few images of this ghost chili that I personally grow in my courtyard.

naga king chili.png

I used it daily in my food menu with half the quantity of a whole. Sometimes, I use the full quantity if its color is yellowish or green. Adding it to my chutney preparation makes my lunch and dinner yummy and exciting.

But I never use it in vegetable curry preparations except if it is with meat, fish or other seafood.

Stay younger with a disease-free body by following the given steps. Tell about it to your kith and kins.

Look out for more updates that I will be adding about this Naga King Chili and give you the information not found in other sources.

Wishing you a RAVISHING experience with this killer Chili.



10 thoughts on “Exquisite Health Benefits of Naga King Chili That Kicks Your Ass”

  1. Wow, I had no idea that these peppers had so many positive health effects! I will start using these ghost peppers in the low dose quantities you suggest.
    Thanks for the educational information on your site!

    • Yes, this ghost chili is a stunner that comes fighting cancer and aging. Researchers are tucking up their sleeves to find more benefits than the areas mentioned.

      It can make you unconscious. So, begin with a small part adding it to your chutney daily.
      I hope you will spread the message and make your family and friends equally benefited as it is also a drastic slicer for body weight.
      Just imagine it’s 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce. Holy moly!
      Come back for more information.

  2. I never knew that naga king chili had so many health benefits. I like the fact that I can grow them myself in my garden. I think I might try growing them. Is there any way to make the heat of them not so hot?

    • It’s only a chip of the iceberg. I shall be updating more information on this chili viper in the following articles.
      You can grow them in your garden and people who don’t own a garden can grow them in sacks as shown in the provided images.
      The heat is the charming magic that does all the wonders. It’s its natural way of emitting that much heat despite varying climates. So, I don’t think you can ever grow lower in heat – 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce.
      No worries, I can consume a whole this ghosty piece in two meals i.e. half/half per chutney.

  3. Hi!

    Wow, I had no clue that Chili Peppers had so many health benefits! I have never seen them in stores here in Portugal.

    Do you know where I could order them?


  4. Yes, you’re right in saying that you haven’t seen in stores. You can only get it from Amazon on orders that are gone in matter of days due to its High demand; and for your information, that will come only in the processed form and not live.
    You must know that this ghost chili is more beneficial in live form. So the best thing is getting its seeds that can be bought from Amazon stores and plant them in your kitchen garden.

    You can relate how I grow it in my own yard from this article.

    Thanks for your query.

  5. Wow, I had no idea chilli have so many health benefits. I will definitely be eating more to increase my tolerance as well. Very informative article. Thank you.

  6. Chilies do have incredible health benefits and still the Naga King Chili overshadows them all.

    You should start following what have been shown in this article for maximum health benefits and using them to solve your health issues.

    Thanks for your comment.

  7. I have always wanted to try a ghost chilli but never thought I could get them in Britain.
    I only wanted to try them to see how hot they are as I love hot foods, the hotter the better, but now I have another reason to try them because of the awesome health benefits of them when consumed.
    You say that the heat is in the red colour but I always thought that the heat from any pepper came from the seeds
    Is that not the case?

    • Hey Mathew,
      You should definitely try the ghost chili and see how much you can embrace its heat. People who had not tried earlier should be careful with the intake. Some people fainted taking the whole chili in one go.

      In reply to the heat whether it is in the red color; yes you’re right it is in the seed but the red color enhances it more which also means seeds in the redder color bang harder.
      Hope this helps.


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