Anti-Aging Food Recipes in the Prism of Artificial Intelligence

Human beings have no limitations in chasing their cherished dreams and ideals.

They move mountains and dry up big rivers when there’s a subject of interest for investigation. This is where anti-aging food recipes in the prism of artificial intelligence come in.

By harnessing truckloads of data and creating unique algorithms, they carry out experimentation as far as the mind can travel. They are thus called “Creatures of Notoriety”

Researchers view that death caused by aging may become obsolete by 2033 if Artificial Intelligence is applied. They are in DEEP LEARNING and doing everything in their efforts to make that happened, and are on the verge of cracking the aging code.

How far that’s going to be true must be left for further observation. Erstwhile, you and I can remain smart by adopting some of the most fantastic anti-aging food recipes while upholding the latest updates of Artificial Intelligence.

Has the Question of Death Been Troubling You Lately?

The reason is that we are victimized by this alluring CYCLE of DEATH as we push ourselves towards eternity. There’s none that can escape from the cruel clutches of death, not even Hercules – the strongest man – that ever lived on earth!

However, we can always control our aging process just as we control a horse by its reins before reaching a specific destination.

You see, the majority of people receive aging as something given. Our psychology is already preprogrammed to accept that and you know we don’t fight back. Do you think you are on the right track? Do you feel that?

Doesn’t it suddenly feel a little weirder when it comes to looking into the uncontrolled increasing study of the Earthlings? Won’t you react in here?

You don’t have to be in that crowd that does not fight back aging. You should live smart and maintain your aging process to the most possible level. After all, you’re not meant only to accept growth, maturity and ultimate death and leave no traces behind.

You need to extend healthy and productive longevity as you reach the PEAK of your growth and instead of declining, you should try to keep at the same level or look at the untapped possibilities for continuous improvement.

Your entry to the fortieth winter and plus is a Prime Time for you to look back at your cradle and muse how you’ve journeyed thus far!

The research arena of AI(Artificial Intelligence) is continuously accelerating and finding amazing prospects that analyze complex biological activities and identifies uncanny natural compounds to reinstate more youthful functionality.

Here’s a video showing you how ginseng, one of the anti-aging medicines gives you incredible benefits. Enjoy watching and apply in your own life. Learn smart. Get smarter health!

The result is the discovery of concentrated natural compounds that can modify many of the same anti-aging pathways as Metformin(a drug lowering the amount of sugar and increasing the sensitivity of muscle cells). There have been landmark findings that were recently published in prestigious scientific journals.

Metormin can show key aspects of degenerative aging, which in turn can help protection against neurodegeneration, diabetes, cancer 3-8, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. But you must also read the side effects it gives on an equal footing to bring about the relevancy of your health condition.

The unprecedented useful discovery of 3 plant extracts that can work wonders to your health and longer life span are:

  • Gamma Linolenic Acid(from borage seed oil)
  • Withaferin A(from ashwagandha)
  • Ginsenoside(from ginseng)

GLA, also known as Gamma linoleic acid, is an omega-6 fatty acid with a number of curing power, which includes treating rheumatoid arthritis. It is a polyunsaturated fat important for brain function.

Generally, it helps to maintain the reproductive system and promote healthy skin and hair. Not only that, it regulates the metabolic system too.

This fatty acid is found in plant seed oils like evening primrose, borage, and black currant, as well as in fungal oils and spirulina.
A vital booster in the treatment of ADHD(attention deficit hyperactive disorder) symptoms, maintains weight loss and eczema.

Ginseng plant.png

Withaferin-A kills cancer cells with and without telomerase. In layman’s language, it is an enzyme chiefly active in tumors and reproductive cells, that causes telomeres to lengthen or facilitates cell division and may account for the immortality of cancer cells.

This enzyme is found in our cells which is related to the aging process. The cells add short, repetitive “caps” to our DNA strands called “telomeres.”

Ginseng is an Araliaceae plant, found in Eastern Asia and North America. It has long been used as a reliable medicinal herb in Asia for centuries. The study of ginsenosides has helped discover that it can reduce the side effects of anticancer drugs. There are myriads of benefits and the study of this specific plant is so vast and may be targeted for the update of another detailed blog in the matter.

Artificial Intelligence Unfolds Plant Extracts That Fight Aging

The crux of the whole gamut of discourse here is the unprecedented discovery of 3 specific plant extracts that can fight Aging and cracking the anti-aging code.

Gamma linolenic acid, Withaferin A, and Ginsenoside modulate pathways that contribute to all seven pillars of aging and are shown to have a similar age-decelerating effect, including protection against neurodegeneration, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

How awesome is this venture! Where the heck on earth can you speculate a better finding than this? Go. Be in the race but not a mad RUSH. Make it a solemn marathon, fine?

Give Your Unstinted Support to Anything Prospective

You may say, “This breath goes on and so, who cares?” “Leave me alone and I don’t care what you do.”

Will you say that? Will you say, “I am not in this.” No, I do not think that way, my friend. I know that you’ll also give every support you can for a mission that has good prospects for all men and women.

Melt with me in this and make no noise. You don’t have to do anything difficult. All you need is to become a careful listener and a reader who takes up the action in the matter for a smashing lifestyle.

Living a life that’s full and sparkling with radiance is going to be an awesome experience. How cool is this!

Go, get that. Look beyond the horizons and never be contented with the same resources and the country pleasures that you’ve been fed with for so long.

Let sea-discoverers go to the new worlds, let mappers find more territories, spheres, orbits and planets after another planet. Additionally, let the Artificial Intelligence Crusaders be given FREE HANDS in their findings to augmenting the whole of humanity.

Erstwhile, you become a champion of Healthy Food Recipes. You will be staying healthy through eating right and promoting foodstuffs that fight aging.

You will also be supporting all your followers who want to look ten times younger and eating the best organic foods. Oh, what a breathtaking experience it will be! How amazing is this!

Join the chorus. Shout to the world about this.


Ageless Secrets From Utopia

We all know it’s easier for some people to look younger than their friends as they age because they have exceptional genes. But what is it that allows their genes to slow down the aging process?

We will all be able to look very young when we know that secret. It seems the secret is an Ancient Energy.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine that has come down for 4,000 years claimed that there is an unseen energy that controls how the body functions, and Holy Cow! The energy finds its leaning on the amazing energy of water!

Something that enhances our DNA to encode our genes with youthful characteristics like – the look and gracefulness – of our skin. Wrinkles and age reversal could be two dynamics you’ll love reading.

Who knows, all these secrets may be uncovered behind the mysteries of WATER!

There will be a separate blog on water alone that I will be updating. Do not be missed out on that perspective. For today,

Start using warm water in your empty stomach in order to get rid of:

  • Blockade of Veins
  • Poor Appetite
  • Disease related to Urine and Uterus
  • Blood Pressure
  • Migraine
  • Stomach Problem

Health issues as given above can be resolved by taking 2 big cups of lukewarm water in the empty stomach each morning. There are many more common diseases that I will update.

Important: Do not take anything for 45 minutes after taking the water.

Spread the LOVE. Tell your friends.

12 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Food Recipes in the Prism of Artificial Intelligence”

  1. Very interesting post. Thanks for this information. I have heard of Ginseng. I knew a man in Tennesse who said who know of a secret spot where it grew and could get big bucks for it. I am going to start using this medicinal and anticancer herb.

    When I lived in China, warm water was just the norm for serving people to drink. It is relaxing. I know that. Will have to try it whenever I have an upset stomach. Thanks again for sharing this information.

    • Hi Robert,
      thanks a lot for leaving your comment. Ginseng really happens to be a great healing plant for Aging.
      We really do need to keep our body strong and healthy through accessing the available resources. But the problem is, most folk lead a life of ignorance or say innocence. This being the sole reason, has given the necessity of launching this anti-aging food recipes.

      I encourage every reader to be on your mark and not miss any important article that I will be updating from time to time exclusively to combating old age and common diseases through organic food stuffs.
      Watch out for my latest posts

      Thank you and I wish you all the best of health and success.

  2. I know about Ginseng and also about Ashwagandha. Both have great health properties. And I do like drinking water in the morning before having my breakfast, unless I’m fasting.

    Very much agree with what you wrote. It is said that your intestines are your second brain, so we should look after it. Do you agree? And where do you source your Ginseng and Ashwagandha from?

    • Wola, How glad I am to know that you are aware of the utility of Ginseng and Ashwagandha. And the best part is taking mugs of warm water in the morning in empty stomach.
      This surely is going to be the key factor in getting rid of your bodily ailments.

      Regarding your query on the source of Ginseng, I have a cousin brother who deals with the roots of this amazing plant and feel lucky to be in the situation.

      I would love to invite you to kindly look up for my latest post on anti-aging food recipes.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by to leave your valuable comment.

      All the best of Health and Success to you.

  3. What timing!

    I was just on the phone with my mother about aging. And I could have hugged her (if she was right here) when she said her issues are not age related. She went on to say that the previous mayor of her city (Hazel McCallion who was in office December 1, 1978 – November 30, 2014) was recently speaking at an event. Now 97 years old, Ms. was looks impressively dominating on the stage.

    As for my mother, her back issue is going to be addressed by some injections. And we were speaking about some exercises to firm up the back muscles. Now I can share with her your information about water and the rest of the items discussed in your article. I’ve always been drinking warm (instead of cold) water. I don’t like feeling cold inside or out. A little tea kettle and a hot water URN are my most used kitchen items. Still, I want more than that for longevity so I’ve got your site bookmarked.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • That’s a joy hearing from you. I believe the health condition of your 97 years old mother will drastically improve as she follows whatever has been shown in this article.

      Drinking a lot of lukewarm water not only increases one’s appetite but also ward off viruses and germs from our body through pee. She will also be in good humor following this.

      Do not miss the amazing healing power of water that I will be updating.


  4. Thanks for the reminder about drinking lukewarm water each morning. I’ve always known that the first thing to do in the morning when we wake up is to drink water. But didn’t really know the principle behind it.

    Anyway, while people don’t want to age, I believe there’s even more adverse issues when death from aging is completely eliminated. Overpopulation is another serious issue.

    • Water is a great miracle for all of us. Taking lukewarm water in the empty stomach will definitely impact a radiant strike when followed for a couple of weeks.

      How cool is this to know as a NATURAL Remedy!
      On the aging aspect, it’s another natural process which you and I do not have to bother much. We will leave that to the Ambassadors of Artificial Intelligence. But staying younger and healthier till our last breathe is going to be an awesome experience.

  5. I have also heard of ginseng before but never tried it and I am aware of the many health benefits it provides. The warm water thing is completely new to me and a total mind blower something I will have to start doing. Thanks for the info and the very informative article.

    • Awesome! That’s what this blog is meant for. Kindly pass on the information and may everyone receive equal benefits on health.
      Like you expressed, go ahead with the warm water in the empty stomach in the morning each day.

      That’s Nature’s magic to ward off germs and flushing toxins from the body.

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    • Thanks a lot for the hints on the eCommerce platform, and I also appreciated your mention of Oracle and Electrolux.

      I will surely try to check the sites you’ve shown here.

      Wishing you the very best of luck and success.

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