Anti-Aging Food Recipes for Over 40s And Above

Your entry to forty years of age and above is a good time to introspect and evaluate your well-being by finding the right anti-aging food recipes and to plan for the long-run.

It is vital, at this time, to take a deep breath and look back at how you have come thus far.

Be happy for who you are and thank Mother Nature and roll your way to finding some resourceful food recipes that can once again revitalize your body.

Watch this video showing you how cucumbers can give you massive health benefits.

Stand before a mirror and see if wrinkles have become a point of concern. Give a check to the sun-damaged skin you might have probably absorbed from harmful chemicals or other pollutants. You would perhaps elaborate more thoughts of your eye, ear, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc.

In this article, I will walk you through how you can remain younger and lead a life of full vibrancy and health with no cost at all. If need be, I will also show you some parameters with the least expenditure.

Ready? Let’s get into business fellas.

What You Should Be Doing in the Morning?

As soon as you get up and after a fresh tooth paste and brush, drink two big cups of warm water. This will fight all the unnecessary toxicants of your body.

Your heart pumps blood to all the different parts of your body. And water gets seeped directly from the stomach to your heart. It is a very simple molecule that doesn’t have to break itself down into smaller or simpler molecules.

Indeed, water molecules are so small that they have no problem diffusing through the phospholipid bilayer that forms the cell membrane of the human tissues. The small intestine is responsible for the absorption of most of the water that you consume.

Everything you eat goes to the stomach. Water is directly absorbed through the epithelial cells in the intestinal tract and gets easily dispersed to all the body parts.

As 60% of your body is made of water, you need to drink a lot of water. It fights and washes away the unseen germs and toxicities from your body that comes out as pee. Drinking a lot of water in adults prevents dehydration – basically 1.7 liters per 24 hours

Water is one of the most important substances on earth, right? Not only do you need it but all plants and animals must have water to survive. Just imagine, what would have been the condition of all lives on earth, had there been no water?

It is unthinkable. And life would have been IMPOSSIBLE!

I will show you more on resolving some health issues with water at the bottom of this article. Now on…to the benefits of cucumbers. Look at my handsome picture and study what the heck AM I doing. Haha.. lol.

OK, never go after a plastic surgery even if you can afford it. They are against the Design of Nature and have side effects. They bring all sorts of health complaints at the later stage. Not only that, they are costly too. You should rather go for a thin and less seed part of a cucumber free of cost.

In this image, you can see me covering the whole eye portions. But this might not be necessary in your case. Cut off a thin cucumber slice and apply it wherever you notice wrinkles.

Thinner slices are convenient to make you move around after applying them and perform other works while you wait for the cucumber to get dry.

Apply them in your below eye bags, cheeks or forehead. This will give you a ravishing looks and you’ll be glad you did that. Your looks will be much younger and satisfactory. Plus there’s no side effects as the method adopted is a natural process.

Anti-Aging Benefits of the Cucumber

Aren’t you curious to know that cucumbers are a great blessing to human beings? In simple sense, they are not only beneficial to your body and skin but also for aging. cucumber garden.png

We plant them in our gardens for consumption, use them in our daily salads or plain boil. We hear about them more and more being used in spas, restaurants and parlours.

There has been a trending research going on for its unique benefits. Cucumbers give you refreshing drinks in areas where there’s scarcity of water too.

On the right is a cucumber that had protruded over-creeping the maize plants in my garden. How cool and yummy it looks!

I’m sure your mouth will start watering if you lose control. Haha… Don’t you blame me for saying this.

Cucumbers are thus multi-faceted trendy vegetables whose popularity never subsides. So cucumbers should be planted in your yards or kitchen gardens.

However, care should also be taken that cucumbers for your consumption should come free from chemicals and pesticides. Growing them through organic farming is always encouraged as opposed to buy from business markets.

You do not know whether the cucumbers you are purchasing are free from chemicals. Avoid buying cucumbers from the groceries as far as practicable. Only do it when you know the owner in person.

Here’s a snapshot of the cucumbers that I personally grow them in my kitchen garden. The bigger one on the right and less big on the left. Besides, there are smaller ones in the middle on closer observation.

cucumber garden.png

Always eat and use the ones that are free from artificial yields. I use only organic fertilizers.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Lemon Water

Practice to begin your day with a cup of warm lemon water. Lemon offers you the potential to fight bacterial and antiviral properties benefiting much to your skin and immune system.

By continuing with lemon water throughout the day you can profit from some amazing anti-aging effects.

An Increase in Your Collagen Rate

Collagen is a building block of your skin. Aging brings the reduction of collagen resulting in lined-skin and sagging. Vitamin-C found abundantly in lemons, helps to reproduce collagen in the body and water helps collagen work efficiently and intercepts premature aging. How cool is this!

Look for a Healthy Liver with Lemon

We do not have a Spare for our livers. Do we? So, keeping a good check to our liver by accessing to whatever available resources is the sole answer as we grow older.  lemon tree.png

The rate of enzyme production reduces with aging but that can be supported and increased by taking regular lemon water daily. Build up more enzymes for your liver through the intake of lemon which is going to be an awesome experience.

Look at my organic lemon tree – a cancer fighter food recipe. How cool is this!

Warm Water Miracles That Can Make Your World Upside Down!

Before wrapping up our session, here are some cool benefits of drinking warm water as I mention earlier. Using warm water in your empty stomach is effective in avoiding:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Low Blood pressure
  • Pain of Joints
  • Migraine
  • Sudden Increase and Decrease of Heartbeat
  • Astma
  • Whopping Cough
  • Gout Pain
  • Disease related to Urine and Uterus
  • Blockade of Veins
  • Stomach Problem
  • Poor Appetite
  • Also Diseases Related to Eyes, Ears & Throat along with Headache

The above health issues can be resolved by taking 2 cups of WARM WATER every day.


DO NOT eat anything 45 minutes after taking the water. Do not also keep this important information with you; it could save one of your near and dear ones, who knows?

SHARE the LOVE. SAVE  someone’s life.

17 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Food Recipes for Over 40s And Above”

  1. I loved this information! I didn’t know the cucumbers would work on any part of your face, and I did not know that warm water in the morning was so beneficial! How warm should the water be? Lukewarm? Or room temperature? Where I live, room temp is pretty warm!

    • Right. Cucumbers work wonders in controlling face wrinkles with which you will look 10 years younger. Your water should be a little warmer than room temperature.

      Take it before eating anything in an empty stomach for best results.

      Morning is the best time.
      Spread the good news to your loved and dear ones.

  2. Yes, water works wonders. The only thing is people don’t get accessed to simple reality of Nature due to ignorance or perhaps, people who know shy away from telling the truth.

    No worries, just follow what have been shown and you’re well on your way to look much younger along with a SICKNESS-FREE physicality.

    In reply to your query, the warm water mentioned is just above room temperature.
    All the best to you.

  3. I love this information. Thank you for sharing this.
    I LOVE cucumbers and so do my daughters.
    I think I heard they were good for the bags under your eyes. I didn’t know they were good for wrinkles or I would have been walking around with a face full of them.
    I haven’t heard of the the warm water with lemon either. It seems to also have some great health benefits.
    I just am not sure that I can do WARM water. I like water, but not warm water. Will cold water with lemon have the same effect?

  4. Haha.. love your comment Lee. You made me chuckle with the wrinkle part below eye bags where you would have been working around with a face full of them.
    Yes, they can be gotten rid of with cucumbers and I mentioned that just below my image.

    Now, in reply to your query, I must tell ya that –
    “Drinking water whether Hot or Cold, infused with lemon, keeps your metabolism humming.”

    So go ahead, cold water and lemon.


  5. My mother bought a bunch of cucumbers for something she didn’t make. Now I have a bunch in the fridge but I wasn’t sure what to do with them but now I know I will eat them with some type of light dressing. How about a juice? a cucumber water? that will benefit as well right? If so I will soak some in my daily water!

    • Hi there,
      you can very much go ahead with the juice, Any method of eating will be okay – salads, boil, mixed juices etc.

      The best part is, it can control your wrinkles on your face like the below eye bags, forehead or the area around the cheeks wherever you notice any wrinkles.

      Follow it and spread the good news to your kith and kins.

  6. Happy to know that it was a great info. for you. Yes, the benefits of water with lemon is incredibly awesome.
    Start right away and look much younger than you would have ever thought of.

    Spread the good news to your loved and dear ones too.

    All the best of success and a delightful Affiliate Marketing to you.

  7. Thanks for the info that I guess is important to all kind of people, we all don’t want to age right 🙂

    regarding lemon water, doesn’t it affect the stomach due to drinking lemon and it’s acidic on empty stomach?

  8. Well, that’s right. People with Sensitive Stomach may reduce the intake of lemon due to side effects like ulcers and stomach irritation. A pH of 7 is considered neutral. Drinking much lemon juice can lead to low pH. Our stomach is very acidic with 3.5 or below. The lower the pH, the higher the acid.

    A medium lemon gives 2-3 Tablespoons of juice. If you are looking for anti-aging recipes with lemon in empty stomach, your intake must be very less to maintain your pH value.

    Hope this helps.

  9. I drink hot lemon water daily as a cleanse. I drink it first thing in the morning but sometimes I sip hot herbal tea with lemon at night. I have found that it is really soothing to the system. I also eat a lot of fresh veggies as part of my low carb lifestyle and one of my favorite snacks is cucumbers. I like the small ones because they are more crunchy.

  10. great article! I’ve been drinking a tall glass of warm water every morning for years, not only does it help your body flush out toxins from the previous day, it curbs your appetite! keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Clay for stopping by and leaving your comment.
      Much appreciated and I do look forward to adding as much article as I can Healthy Food recipes.

  11. Yeah, that’s awesome.
    Drinking a cup of water in the empty stomach each morning is a real miracle to our body metabolism.
    It easily pushes out toxins that are detrimental to our health set up. Not only that, it also flushes away the unseen germs that come out as pee.

    Continue taking plenty of water and stay healthy and vibrant.

    Thanks for your comment.
    All the best in your online journey.

  12. Wow! A lot of very good information in this concise blog post. I had heard taking apple cider vinegar in the morning is healthy, but I wasn’t aware that drinking warm lemon water or even just warm water in the morning could be beneficial. Very interesting information about water. Also, I had seen in ads people with cucumbers on their eyes but never really understood why. Looking forward to reading more about interesting health antidotes in the future.

    • Hi Bob,
      That’s the crux of the discussion here. You see just 2 cups of warm water in the empty stomach each morning is the miracle which most people dunno.

      And do not forget the ‘this and that’ of the yummy cucumbers!


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