About Me

Hi there,

I am Phomrong Hongsha, a proud dad of three children (Suzeina Hongsha, my youngest daughter is in the pic with me).      Me and daughter.png

You just stumbled upon my blog and excited you did that. As you stop by touring the whole contours of this site, ensure that you headed homeward piggybacking all the benefits and usefulness outlined here.

It’s so amazing to be able to work online just by clicking my laptop each day when I want and where I want; making my own room an EVERYWHERE!

And you know what? It’s the onset of 40 plus winters that had powerfully prompted the birth of Anti-Aging Food Recipes as my third blog; the fight to defy aging for an extraordinary living lifestyle.

I teach people like YOU how to start, create and learn to blog. If you know how to send an email or write a letter to your friend, then you are eligible to be starting your own blog too. Sounds good?

Yes, it’s FANTASTIC to be in the journey of the bloggers – a unique world that strikes a difference – Wola!

You may be inquiring why and how? The reasons are too many and varied to disclose. But some of the tangible answers that may come into focus to justify your queries are:

  • You can educate any Niche you want to your prospective customers
  • You become a thought-leader and an authority in your industry
  • You become a million dollars Chatting-Sheet

There are many more reasons that can be discussed. But we will leave them for the next updates.

If you are in your late 30’s or starting early 40’s and above, this blog is for you. It’s so important to take care of your dying hormones and keep checking your eating habits at this age.

Aging is a NATURAL PROCESS you can never avoid. However, you have the chance to control it by checking your eating habits, organic products, physical exercise and become a Knowledge-House of living younger.

This is going to be an exotica and can make you roll around from one corner to the other with excitement when you have the right eating recipes.

So keep your fingers crossed and allow your attention to what’s coming up next?

Get READY for that.

Now, join me to squeeze the Universe to find the best food recipes that can make you much younger and healthier. Pass this information to your friends – the way you want – for the smartest eating lifestyle ever.

You can also start your own blog about anti-aging food recipes today. CLICKING HERE will take you to the platform that teaches you How-to.

We’ll stop here for today. Talk soon.

-Phomrong Hongsha